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Fast & Affordable Toilet Repair in Fresno, CA

Plumber removes a tank lid for a toilet repair in FresnoToilet repair can be a dirty job, but we're happy to do it. Whether your toilet is running, leaking, clogged, or doing anything else it's not supposed to, our Fresno toilet repair specialists can handle it. 

Just like with all of our services, you can always expect our plumbers to be professional, courteous, on time, and technically skilled. We'll do what it takes to bring all the necessary parts and tools to your job the first time, so we can repair your toilet in a single trip. That's just one of the many reasons that homeowners throughout Fresno have turned to us for their toilet repair and replacement needs. 

We'll Do Whatever it Takes to Fix Your Toilet

Our plumbers service every toilet component and issue, including:
  • replacing a toilet flapperToilet flanges
  • Toilet handle replacement and repair
  • Flush valve repairs
  • Drain snaking & plunging
  • Toilet seat resetting and replacement
  • Toilet tank replacement
  • Toilet intake line replacement
  • Toilet drain replacement
  • Flapper repair and replacement
  • Adding hand rails
  • Flush level adjustments
  • Seal cleaning
  • Dye tests and leak repair

Whether you just need a quick fix to your existing toilet, a component replaced, or the entire toilet replaced, we'll do it.